Prayers for Buye Diocese

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in our companion diocese of Buyé who, after an extremely dry growing season, are now facing famine for the first time in many years. We received the following letter from the Rev. Dominique Ciza, Diocesan Secretary:

Receive our greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We thank God for the far He has taken us and we still believe in Him for the future. We want to inform you that our country is undergoing a time of famine and some people are dying while others are living miserably to the point that there are some people who are surviving on one meal in two days while others who are lucky on one meal a day.

As you know more than 90% of Burundians live by agriculture and this is compulsory depending on rainfall. Because of that dependence, when climate changes it disturbs the way of life in our country. This season A (from September-December) we have not got enough rain. It came in the beginning of November instead of coming in September, and unfortunately it lasted one month only. Since December we are assisting to an oppressive sun and we have not come to harvest. Due to the scarcity of food items on the market, the increase of food price is occurring day by day. For instance 1kg of rice that costed less than 1,000 BIF in the last three months, is now more than 2,000 BIF.

According to Suzanne Ngo Mandong Representative of the unfpa (bottom of the United Nations for the population) in Burundi, the humanitarian situation is alarming in the country. It is based on the fall of the production of food, due to the effects on the climate (phenomena el niño and la Nina) : “at the end of 2016, the number of burundians in need was estimated at 3 million, almost a quarter of the population of the country”, did she indicated. #Unfpa #un #bujumbura #burundi

The government started giving out an appeal to everybody who can support our brothers and sisters who are losing their lives. The northern part of Burundi where Buye Diocese is located has been seriously touched and our pastors are also struggling to meet their basic needs because their lives rely on agriculture. Even offerings have decreased remarkably and life is not moving well in their families.

We then need you prayers.

May God bless you.

Rev. Dominique CIZA

Diocesan Secretary

Buye Diocese