Synod Update #4: February 26, 2015

Parish Delegates Needed!

If you have had your annual meeting, and know who your parish delegates are, please send your Parish Officers Form to the Synod Office immediately!

Online Registration for Synod:

Online Registration for Diocesan Synod is now open:
The deadline for registration is April 3rd.

Each delegate is responsible for registering yourself.  If the parish wants to coordinate the registration of all your delegates, you may do so.  All delegates expecting to attend Synod must be registered.

Bishop’s Appointees and Diocesan Officers:

If you are attending in a capacity other than a parish delegate, then please complete the registration form for yourself.

If you have any problems with the online registration, please call Margaret at the Synod Office at 780-439-7344.

Nominations Reminder

Nominations are being sought for positions on Executive Council, delegates to Provincial Synod and General Synod, Diocesan Court, and Recorders for the next Synod. Please submit nominations and very brief biographies to the Nominations Chair, c/o Synod Office ( More information on the nominations can be found on the website.

Please address correspondence to the Synod Office at or to me at the address below.