Synod Update #3: February 21, 2015

graphic good64th DIOCESAN SYNOD UPDATE #3 – February 21, 2015


Parish Delegates Needed!

If you have had your annual meeting, and know who your parish delegates are, please send your Parish Officers Form to the Synod Office immediately!

Cost for Synod

The cost for Synod is $40 for each delegate, lay and clergy. Parishes are asked to submit payment to the Synod Office, marked “Synod Delegates”. Cheques may be made payable to the Diocese of Edmonton.

Reports from Committees, Groups, etc.

A Reminder that reports are due in the Synod Office by March 27th. Please email them to Margaret at

Notices of Motions

Notices of motions should be received by March 27th in order to be included in the Convening Circular. Those received after this date, but before April 10th, will be considered by the Resolutions Committee, but might not be included in the Circular.

Synod Information Online

Remember to check the diocesan website at for information on the Diocesan Synod.

Also, in an effort to be mobile friendly and to keep vital info at your fingertips, documents can be publicly downloaded from They are accessible from any browser (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, other).

Nominations Reminder

Nominations are being sought for positions on Executive Council, delegates to Provincial Synod and General Synod, Diocesan Court, and Recorders for the next Synod. Please submit nominations and very brief biographies to the Nominations Chair, c/o Synod Office ( More information on the nominations can be found on the website.

Please address correspondence to the Synod Office at or to me at the address below.

Barbara Burrows
Secretary of Synod, Diocese of Edmonton