Taxing Thoughts

This is the third in a series of quarterly articles on Planned Giving topics.

Most of us have recently completed, or will very soon complete, our 2007 income tax return. Why is this important? If you have not already started planning for the 2008 tax year, now—not November or December—is the perfect time to begin.

We cannot turn back the clock to change anything about our taxes for 2007, but we can make changes that will improve our tax situation for 2008. For example, we can re–examine our donations to our Church and other charities, keeping in mind that every dollar we donate above $200 costs us just 50 cents.

This table shows what your tax credit will be if you donate $500.00 to your church:

Federal Credit Provincial Credit
First $200 15.25% $30.50 21% $42.00
Next $300 29% $87.00 21% $63.00
Total Credit $117.50 $105.00

If you can only afford to donate less than $200.00 per year to your church or other charity, you should consider claiming your donations every second or third year to take advantage of the higher federal credit for a portion of your donations. Remember that donations can be carried forward for up to five years.

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