Endowments: Gifts that Last Forever

John and Mary have generously supported their parish for many years. In fact, their parish depends on their generosity. Consequently, when John and Mary are gone, the absence of their support will be felt.

John and Mary know this and are doing something to ensure their support never ends. They are taking steps, through their will, to create a named endowment fund in their parish. (Endowment funds may be established on behalf of a parish, diocese, General Synod, the Anglican Foundation, PWRDF or other ministry.) A portion of John and Mary’s estate will be set aside in a special fund that will generate annual gifts to continue the giving they are doing now.
Endowments work well for people like John and Mary.

Here are three reasons why:
1. Endowment Funds are Perpetual
Endowment funds allow people like John and Mary to continue their giving in perpetuity. Buildings may crumble and people will come and go, but endowments endure.

Each year in the future, family members will be reminded of John and Mary’s involvement with their parish and the value of making regular gifts to support essential, life–changing ministry. What a wonderful legacy to leave!

2. Endowment Funds are Protected
Because endowment funds are kept separate from operating and capital fund accounts, John and Mary are assured that their endowment fund will be secure. The written agreement will be on file and the terms will be carefully followed.

3. Endowment Funds are Personal
While it is possible, and sometimes desirable, to create an unnamed, unrestricted endowment fund, most people want their fund to bear a person’s name. And they want to tailor the purpose of their endowment to benefit a specific area of interest. They appreciate the flexibility and the opportunity to personalize their gift.

If you have questions or want to learn more about the various ways you can use a planned gift to make an endowment dream come true, whether now through a current gift, or later through your estate, please contact our planned giving officer, David Connell