Mark Anschutz Stewardship Workshop: Resources for Parishes

The Rev. Dr. Mark Anschutz

“Christian stewardship is about making our relationship with God the center of our lives,” the Rev. Dr. Mark Anschutz, a third-generation Episcopal priest from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, said during a diocesan-sponsored stewardship workshop for parishes on Saturday, April 28, 2012.

Helping people understand what Jesus had to say about money and possessions is what “opens us up to be more generous and live grace-filled lives,” said Anschutz. “What people don’t want to hear about are budgets, goals and salaries,” he added.

During his inspirational and humorous four-hour presentation, Anschutz shared with representatives from rural and urban parishes, the “15 Things I’ve Learned About Stewardship”. He began his presentation with prayer, an essential practice for parishes on their stewardship journey.

“As Christians we come to recognize that nothing of consequence will ever happen in our lives without prayer,” he said. Read more about the Stewardship Workshop in the June edition of The Messenger.

Here are some ideas for effective stewardship practices, including the PowerPoint presentation for Mark Anschutz’s workshop on stewardship. Please share these resources in your parish: