2017 – A New Year’s Resolution on Care for Creation

environment chaplain

“God created humans in his image, and gave us the responsibility to care for creation as he would. This task can feel overwhelming or as if one individual’s actions don’t matter, but, “The Truth is, that changing light bulbs, while a good start, simply is not enough to restore balance to the creation. We must work in concert – group by group, congregation by congregation, community by community, and nation by nation to restore the creation. After all, the Bible calls us to communal action in the matter of stewardship. We must work together on a large scale” (Rebekah Simon-Peter, Green Church, 2010).

In 2017, our Diocesan Chaplain for the Environment, Sarah Ficko, invites all parishes in the diocese to reflect on the various ways we, as Christians, can develop a better care for the environment. Feel free to print her Environment Chaplain Message, full of information for parishes and individuals, including 44 ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint! Watch for more information on the diocesan website and in upcoming editions of the Synod Scene and The Messenger.