EndPovertyEdmonton Moving Forward with Five-Year Road Map


Edmonton City Council has approved funding to advance the EndPovertyEdmonton plan to break the cycle of poverty for 10,000 people in 5 years – the first step along the journey to ending poverty in Edmonton in a generation.

“City Council leadership has been a key success factor to date in this work and today’s (December 13, 2016) budget decision reaffirms council’s commitment to advancing this leading edge effort for social change,” said Diocese of Edmonton Bishop Jane Alexander who, with Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, co-chaired a two-year Task Force to end poverty in Edmonton.

The funds, $1.265M in 2017 and $1.178M in 2018, will sustain EndPovertyEdmonton in its efforts to steward 15 priority actions for change outlined in a 5 year EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map. These community-driven actions include exploring options for a new Indigenous Culture and Wellness Centre, expanding the reach of a promising prototype program to prevent tenant-eviction called Community Bridge, launching a living wage awareness campaign and addressing human rights, intercultural training and anti-racism efforts.

“This is about investing in the potential of people in our city who are often overlooked. There is no better investment” according to Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson. “All four orders of government- municipal, provincial, federal and Indigenous leaders – will be involved and at the table.”

Edmonton City Council also confirmed funding for the creation of a new Community Development Corporation, one of the 15 Road Map actions. Catalyzed and led by the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Edmonton CDC will be an engine of economic change, sparking investment and revitalization in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

EndPovertyEdmonton Co-Chair, Dr. Jeffrey Bisanz, noted to City Council that the Road Map is about “advancing innovation and change through Game Changer actions on two fronts: first, those that will have an immediate, cascading impact on Edmontonians affected by poverty and, second, those that will shift long term policy, attitudes and systems change.”

For more information on EndPovertyEdmonton, visit www.endpovertyedmonton.ca or join the conversation @EndPovertyYEG on Twitter.



  • EndPovertyEdmonton grew out of a two-year Mayor’s Task Force, launched in March 2014 by Mayor Don Iveson. Over two years, thousands of Edmontonians generated ideas and inputs and helped shape a progressive and visionary Strategy to end poverty in a generation in Edmonton.
  • A five year Road Map outlines 35 initial actions to advance the work to end poverty with the goal of lifting 10,000 Edmontonians out of poverty in five years.
  • The new organization, EndPovertyEdmonton, is rooted in the Collective Impact model, mobilizing a broad coalition of community partners, orders of government and citizens with a shared vision to more effectively address the complex issue of poverty. (For more information on CI, please visit the Tamarack Institute’s website.)
  • EndPovertyEdmonton, powered by a small backbone Secretariat, will oversee the implementation of the 35 actions listed in the Road Map as well as the establishment of the 5 Community Tables to guide & inform the mission to eliminate poverty in Edmonton within a generation. As it moves into the role of community convener, the new EndPovertyEdmonton organization and its staff will be housed at the offices of the United Way Alberta Capital Region.
  • Already, 10 Road Map actions are currently underway in collaboration with the United Way Alberta Capital Region, the Edmonton Community Foundation and many other leading partner organizations in the community. This includes, among other actions: the new All in for Youth and 1000 Families Thriving initiatives, a community Mental Health Action Plan, Financial Empowerment Collaborative, and YEG ShiftLab, a community led action to explore solutions to the intersection of poverty and racism.