Medical Supplies Keep Hope Alive in Buye Diocese

Truck full of supplies

We have received more photos of the container of medical supplies arriving in the Diocese of Buye. Bishop Sixbert shares this story:
“Buye Hospital did not have any incubator before the cargo, and all the children born before term were not helped effectively and most of them died. The incubator you sent therefore comes to give hope to pregnant women. This hope was demonstrated on February 7, 2012 when a pregnant woman called NAHIMANA Goreth delivered prematurely at the 8th month of the pregnancy. Now the baby is being assisted in the incubator and the hope is that the children will be rescued.”
The Diocese of Edmonton gives thanks for each and every person who donated to the 2011 Lenten and Easter appeal to send medical supplies to Burundi. Thank you for giving hope and giving life.

For more information click on the attached Burundi container report.