Dignity Kits Arrive in Buyé

Dignity Kits

Diocesan Community Development Officer the Rev. John Gee received some wonderful news from our companion Diocese of Buyé this week. The first shipment of Dignity Kits has arrived in Buyé.

“I am very thrilled to let you know that finally the dignity kits are now released and arrived in Buyé safely,” said the Rev. Dominique Ciza in an email to John.

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The kits will likely go a long way to lifting spirits in Buyé diocese. Due to escalating violence in Burundi, Bishop Jane recently announced that the young adult trip to Buyé, originally scheduled for the end of the month, had been cancelled.

“It is very sad that the young adult trip will not happen due to the prevailing political tension in Burundi,” said Dominique. “Hopefully, God will grant us another opportunity for such event.”