‘Jesus at the Turning of the Ages’; a free online course from Wycliffe College


Wycliffe college has announced the availability of a free, online course in the Fall of 2015!

This exciting class provides an excellent opportunity to continue to grow in both knowledge and faith!

See below for details, or click Here to see the poster.


Jesus at the Turning of the Ages


The course is an introduction to the New Testament for anyone. The course will help participants read the books of the New Testament as they would be read in light of Jesus’ resurrection, in the context of the first century, and with an eye to our own world.


Each course unit consists of a short video introduction, audio slides with text, a quiz, discussion forum, and optional assignment.

The course will run over twelve weeks: 28 September to 18 December, 2015.

Registration opens 21 September, 2015.

Further information: wycliffecollege.ca under Distance Learning.

The couse was developed by faculty, graduates and doctoral students in New Testament at Wycliffe College with financial support from the Anglican Foundation.

The course can be used for adult education, group or individual study.