Fairtrade Diocese

Fairtrade LogoAt the 63rd Synod, parishes in the Diocese of Edmonton joined a growing number of faith groups, schools, community organizations, stores and restaurants promoting fair and ethical transactions in the marketplace by committing to use Fairtrade products.  You can find more information about fairtrade at: www.fairtrade.ca and www.cftn.ca (Canadian Fairtrade Network). If you go to the “products and companies” tab, you can find information about companies selling Fairtrade products, and also Fairtrade products available in Canada, and where to get them. Fairtrade certified products are available in many grocery and health food stores. Click here for a list of Edmonton stores that carry Fairtrade products. John Leung, from Make Poverty History, has also provided us with the following documents: Fair Trade Certification Myths and Truths about Fairtrade In 2010, Vancouver became the first major city in Canada to achieve Fairtrade Town status, joining thirteen smaller Canadian cities and towns, and around 900 others worldwide. In order to achieve Fairtrade Town status, Edmonton City Council must pass an ethical purchasing policy committing to use Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and sugar, and establish a committee to ensure continued support of Fairtrade principles and initiatives. Edmonton City Council will be taking a vote in January 2013 in regards to adopting Fairtrade and incorporating it into its procurement policy. If you would like to see the City of Edmonton take the next step toward Fairtrade Town status, you can view and sign a petition here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZJ3DX78.