St. Augustine of Canterbury, Edmonton

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Edmonton

6110 Fulton Road

Edmonton, AB T6A 3T3

Phone: (780) 466-5532

Fax: (780) 468-2771

Rector/Pastor: The Rev. Jonathan Crane

Wardens: Gail Gravelines, Joe Sparling

Sunday Prayers:

8 am: Our first gathering is a simple act of prayer using the Anglican Eucharistic service. Held in our lovely St. Hilda’s chapel. This is a spoken service and does not include music. The congregation usually numbers around 10, is close but not closed and welcomes others to worship. People take on the various roles of reader and communion assistant in an informal manner. The 8:00 a.m. community welcomes succinct sermons, and gathers at a local fast food joint for coffee after church.

10 am: Our main service is graced by our choir. Together we pray and give thanks to God, drawing on our strong history of Anglican prayer. Through prayer and song, bread and wine, and the community gathered, we hear God’s word and reflect on a life lived with Christ. We are sent to be Christ and live as his people in the world through service. Kids of all ages are invited to join our worship or join the nursery and Sunday school groups.

For the liturgical seasons of Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter) worship committees form to provide a thematic context for the season with specific focus on providing engaging and creative worship opportunities.

5 pm: Ancient Future Gathering

Are you interested in helping shape the life and worship of a fledgling Christian community that meets for prayer Sunday evenings?

Join a small group of pilgrims at 5 pm for prayers followed by a potluck meal together. We are seeking to honour various longings in our church today that worship be more rooted, more honest, and less sensational. We are beginning by borrowing prayers from the Iona and Northumbria monastic communities, and exploring the old and the new of being followers of Jesus. Prayers and teaching coordinated by the Rev. Jonathan Crane. Music coordinated and often offered by Alana Levandoski.

Come join us on Sunday, or for:

-Tuesdays at Blues: faith and life discussion held the first and third Tuesdays at 10 am. At Blues’ Java Cafe 50st and 106ave.

-Simple Suppers on the fourth Friday of each month. Join the neighborhood for a simple meal together under $10.

-The Belles women’s group

-Book club

-Evening education opportunities (some jointly with other parishes)

-Work in our communities

-A coffee and a chat.