Christ Church, Edmonton

Christ Church, Edmonton

12116 – 102 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5N 0L6

Phone: (780) 488 – 1118

Fax: (780) 482 – 0003

Administrative Assistant: Kathryn Morgan-Jackson

Priest: The Rev. Susan Oliver

Interim Associate Priest: The Rev. Robin Walker

Associate Priest: The Rev. Nick Trussell

Vocational Deacon: The Rev. Arlene Young

Honorary Assistants:

The Rev. Keith Denman, The Rev. Martin Garber-Conrad (Lutheran Pastor)

Honorary Deacon Assistant: The Rev. Pat Hill

Youth Leader: Dusten Dixon

Sunday Services:

8 am – Holy Communion (BCP)

10 am – Choral Holy Eucharist (BAS)

Mid-Week Service:

Thursday – 11 am Holy Communion