Grandparents Sunday

Noticing that there were very few children  (none) in  attendance at the Worship at St. Augustine’s  of Canterbury we declared July 29th “Grandparents Sunday”.

Parishioners were invited to bring their, or other people’s, grandchildren.  Music was provided by two recent confirmands under the mentorship of the regular musician.  An expanded Children’s story replaced the usual sermon.  Readings were scheduled to be done by young people – essentially this was a typical kids celebration with their participation wherever possible.  The Eucharistic Prayer was prayed with all kids (and their parents where necessary) around the table.

Snacks served at ‘coffee’ time were kid friendly and included treats for those with allergies.

There was nothing unusual about this service except that it invited children into an environment where their voices haven’t been heard.  It gave grandparents the opportunity to invite their grandchildren in the vacuum that many grandparents face: children who have left the church and hence their grandchildren have little or no exposure.

It was a win-win- 15 kids!  At least a dozen people asked that this be done again, some suggested “regularly”.  Not one negative comment has been heard.