Carbon Fast for Lent

Individuals and church communities could consider taking part in a “Carbon Fast” for Lent, suggests St. Mary’s, Edmonton Rector Elizabeth Metcalfe. “Scripture is clear about the dangers of unbridled consumption and our tradition of Sabbath provides us with a pattern to follow,” Elizabeth says. “The idea of Sabbath beckons us to take time off from ourselves, from our dependence upon technology, teaching us to allow 1/7th of our time for rest and restoration.”

What would a Carbon Fast look like? It might be that one day a week we use public transit or car pool to work, or church or school. Can we find ways to decrease our energy consumption by 1/7th? We could eat only locally grown food one day a week or spend one day a week setting up a recycling bin or a compost bin, or sorting through our cupboards and closets recycling unneeded and unwanted items? For more information “Google” Carbon Fast for a variety of links and ideas.