Silent Night Video

Over 200 people joined in chorus singing “Silent Night” during the 62nd Synod Opening Eucharist Service, October 15th, at All Saints’ Cathedral. The money raised will go to support the Anglican Military Ordinariate.

Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey Presentation

The “Unlocking More Growth” PowerPoint presentation given by Back to Church Sunday leader Michael Harvey can be downloaded here.

Theological Students

The Anglican Diocese of Edmonton currently has theological students studying in several institutions across Canada and in the United States, including: Newman College, St. Albert, Alberta; College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Wycliffe College, Toronto, Ontario; These students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, all with a common interest in […]

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Teens Encounter Christ

Teens Encounter Christ is a young adult weekend that stemmed from the Roman Catholic Cursillo movement in Lansing, Michigan in 1965. It has grown and spread throughout the Anglican, Lutheran, and United Churches, in many countries throughout the world. In our Diocese, the first TEC weekend occurred in 1993. The weekend is designed to introduce […]


Hospital Chaplaincy

Going into hospital? Anglicans are more likely to receive pastoral support if they tell their rector, and if they ask to be listed as Anglican when they are admitted. A group of mature men and women, who have been well trained, make weekly visits to Edmonton and area hospitals and continuing care facilities. Their compassionate […]


Alpha is a ten-week course designed as a practical introduction to the basics of Christianity with plenty of opportunity for debate and discussion. The style of Alpha is deliberately friendly and informal. Each week people get together for a meal, a talk on topics such as “Who is Jesus?”, “Why Did Jesus Die?” and “How […]

Updated Ministry Directory

In the Ministry Directory you will find a title for the variety of our ministries and contact information for the people involved.

For more information about a specific ministry please use the contact information listed for that ministry.

worship room

Anglican Student Ministry

Students are welcome to drop by the Anglican Student Ministry Centre, located in the HUB Mall on the University of Alberta campus, and chat with University Chaplains Susan Oliver Martin and Scott Sharman.


Planned Giving Options

The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are ‘making a difference’ is usually the only motivation needed for giving to your church or favourite charity; however, planned giving allows you to make the most of your gift, and may permit you to increase your overall giving while saving taxes. Planned giving must be tailored to […]


One Size Does Not Fit All

Are you the same as your neighbor, or even your brother? Is your family financial situation the same as everyone else’s? I would venture to guess it is not, but that is what people who use will kits or on–line wills are saying. You cannot lose sight of the fact that both you and your […]


The Many Lives of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a simple idea that takes many shapes. Its basic purpose, of course, is to provide cash to meet the needs of survivors upon the insured person’s death. All policies provide this benefit; however, life insurance policies may also build up cash value that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. A […]


The Charitable Gift Annuity

It’s your opportunity to make a generous gift to the Church and do yourself a favour at the same time! The ministry and programme of The Anglican Church of Canada, its parishes and congregations, and the life–changing work of related entities is important to you. You may have wished to advance this vital work by […]


Leaving a Bequest to the Church

Will Power When you write a will and include the Church, your “present” will be a gift that endures far into the future. Will Power—what you have if you write a will! Power to use the accumulated fruits of your lifetime to provide for your loved ones as you see fit, rather than as the […]


October 2010

The October 2010 edition of The Messenger is available here.

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June/July 2010

The June/July issue of The Messenger can be downloaded here.