• 65th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton, September 29 and 30, 2017


The Body of Christ – Bishop’s Youth Day 2012

More than 60 youth and youth leaders from across the Edmonton diocese, joined Bishop Jane Alexander and guest speaker, Alpha Canada National Director Shaila Visser, for the second annual Bishop’s Youth Day, held October 20th at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in St. Albert. Click here for video and pictures.

Climate + Christ = Kairos

Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander surrounded by children in the Diocese of Buye

Edmonton Companions Tour HIV/AIDS Clinic

On Tuesday, September 25th, Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander and Archdeacon Alan Perry were able to witness the Diocese of Buye living out the Marks of Mission in so many ways. They toured the HIV/AIDS clinic that the Diocese of Buye is building in conjunction with the Diocese of Edmonton and PWRDF. See more pictures and read more about Bishop Jane’s visit to Burundi at http://www.edmontonbuye.blogspot.ca/.

Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander with Bishop Sixbert Macumi in Bujumbura, Africa

Bishop Jane Arrives in Bujumbura, Africa

Executive Archdeacon Alan Perry reports that he, Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander have landed safely in Bujumbura, where they were met with a warm welcome from friends from the Diocese of Buyé including. Bishop Sixbert, his wife Clothilde, Dominique and Deo. Over the next 10 days, you can follow Bishop Jane’s visit to Buyé, as she meets the people of our companion diocese, on Archdeacon Perry’s blog www.edmontonbuye.blogspot.ca.

Ngozi Parish

Sharing our lives: partnership events in spring and summer 2012.

Much has happened so far in 2012!

An Edmonton delegation deepened friendships and experienced life in Burundi this May (pages 8-9).

At an episcopal gathering in Ontario, Bishop Jane and Bishop Sixbert fostered trust, partnership, and peaceful disagreement (page 10) .

Read stories of Bishop Sixbert’s visit to Edmonton in June, including Tofield’s 100th Anniversary (page 7) and conversations about human sexuality (page 10).

In collaboration with PWRDF, the Diocese of Edmonton is bringing hope to HIV and AIDS patients via contributions to a new clinic (page 3).

THE MESSENGER, September 2012.

Human Sexuality Report

As the next step in continuing the conversation about human sexuality, Deanery meetings were held in 2012 for all clergy and lay delegates to the 63rd Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton. Our conversations were about the church’s role in discussing and teaching on issues associated with our creation as sexual beings made in the image of God. In these discussions we shared the issues related to human sexuality that are foremost in people’s minds. Read the Human Sexuality Report here. PDF

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Speaker 3: Terry LeBlanc

Terry LeBlanc is Mi’kmaq-Acadian and has been married 37 years to Bev. He has taught as a sessional and guest lecturer at various colleges, seminaries and universities in North America and in other global contexts. In his regular work with indigenous communities Terry facilitates asset-based planning and development workshops on holistic, sustainable community development methodologies […]