Other Diocesan Ministries

Alpha Coordinator
Ms. Amy Croy

Administration and Finance Committee
Mrs. Rachel Miller, Chair

Anglican Church Women
Sandra Arbeau, President

Anglican Messenger 
Margaret Glidden, Edmonton Editor
Ph: 780-439-7344

Kathryn Ivany
Edmonton Archives: 780-496-8711
Provincial Archives: 780-427-1750

Barnabas Initiative
The Rt. Rev. Jane Alexander, Bishop of Edmonton

Cursillo Secretariat
Lay Director – Mr. Brian Richardson
Registrar / Treasurer – Ms. Barbara Lingelbach

Diocesan Advisory and Response Team (DART)
Ms. Lois MacLean, Co-chair

Diocesan Social Justice Committee
Dorothy Marshall

Ecumenical Coordinator
The Rev. Dr. Scott Sharman

Assistant Ecumenical Officer
Dr. Jane Samson

Education for Ministry (EFM)
The Rev. Robin Walker

Environment Chaplain:
Sarah Ficko

Examining Chaplains
The Ven. Joanne Webster
St. Augustine’s Parkland, Spruce Grove
Phone: 780-962-5131

Indigenous Ministry
The Rev. Canon Travis Enright
St. Faith’s, Edmonton
Phone: 780-477-5931

Oskapewis Sharon Pasula
Phone: 780-439-7344

Fiona Brownlee, Aboriginal and Rural Communities Liaison

Marriage Encounter
2016 WWME Weekend Registration and Info Couple
Gary and Kathy Hughes
Phone: 780-435-3862
Email: marriageencounter.ea@gmail.com

Area Coordinating Couple
Garry and Heather Tansem
Phone: 780-436-0625
Email: tansemgh@telus.net

Prayer Book Society
John Matthews, President

Property and Planning Sub-committee
The Ven. Alan Perry
Phone: 780-439-7344

Mrs. Dorothy Marshall

Refugee Coordinator
Mrs. Gail Millard