St. Paul’s, Edmonton Youth Worships with St. Paul’s, Evansburg

St. Paul's, Edmonton Youth at St. Paul's, Evansburg

On their way home from a recent camping trip, 10 young people from St. Paul’s, Edmonton and Youth Pastor Amy Croy stopped in at St. Paul’s, Evansburg for a service and visit.

“We were warmly welcomed by Fr. Sean Devlin (who had extended an invitation to visit any time) and the congregation, even though we hadn’t showered all weekend,” says Amy.

“Our youth were introduced to the BCP and evening prayer. Sean did a great job of speaking to the youth about spiritual hunger. He said it was the first time at St. Paul’s, Evansburg that the Psalm was read alternately by those over 20 and those under 20.

We were invited for Chinese food after the service, where I discovered that one of the parishioners was one of my high school teachers. We finished off with a visit to the Grouch Bench.” (Every year, Evansburg, population 603, elects a ‘Town Grouch’.) Grouch Bench Evansburg AB

Amy says she and the youth campers returned to Edmonton “physically and spiritually” nourished.