Mixed Blood and Urban Indigenous Identity

Mixed Blood and Urban Indigenous Identity.

If you missed the conversation most of it was recorded.  This is the link.  About 54 minutes.


They ordered lunch for 20 but 35 showed up. It was  a mix of young and old, students and people from the community who came to listen and engage in conversation with an Indigenous person.  Sharon Pasula began her session singing the Water Prayer Song and a prayer.  She then shared some of her story and addressed a couple of issues in her introductory remarks before opening it up with the audience.  A few people shared their story which enriched the dialogue.

One person asked more about the Lac Ste Anne pilgrimage ending her comments with a question, “So what is your grandmother’s name?   No surprise to Indigenous folks, she is related to Sharon.  Turned out two people in the room are related to Sharon.  It was  a fun and exhilarating  gathering. All My Relations!

ronning-centre-event-revised sharon-singing sharon-speaking