How Marriage Encounter has Impacted these Couples…

“We live very busy lives, with too little time for each other. Our Marriage Encounter weekend started us on a new level of communication. It gave us tools to endure many stressful situations.” ~ Rob S.

“And it’s allowed us to grow in our own ways, while drawing closer to each other.” ~ Marg S.

“Our Marriage Encounter weekend was life-giving to our relationship. We literally fell in love with each other all over again” ~ Lloyd D.

“I’m so glad we took the risk and went to Marriage Encounter!” ~ Rosemary D.

“It was a good weekend—a fair amount of work, but definitely worth the effort! We have a young family and there seems like there is literally no time for each other. This weekend definitely helped us to connect at a whole new level.” ~ Sarah and Don B.

“Our Marriage Encounter helped us heal some hurtful situations that were pulling us apart. We’re stronger together now, with our unity restored.” ~ Elaine W.

“With our empty nest, we’ve been able to grow closer and enjoy life together. Because of our Marriage Encounter and the resulting improvement in our listening skills, we’ve learned how to cultivate shared interests. ~ Murray W.

“Marriage Encounter – to be quite honest, we really didn’t know what it was. Sure, we had seen the brochures on the church bulletin board, but never paid them much attention. We always thought of many excuses not to go: What to do with the kids? What about our other weekend obligations? Then, as I was looking for something different and special to give Kathy for Christmas, a voice inside of me said, “Give it a try.” To say we were glad that we did would be an understatement. That weekend changed our marriage – and our lives! We came away with a feeling of being revitalized. And the “afterglow” had a lasting effect- even the kids noticed a change.” ~ Gary and Kathryn H.

“We attended our first ME weekend in 1996. Heather was very anxious to go, but I was hesitant since I thought it would be a group discussion where I was expected to vent my ‘dirty laundry’ to perfect strangers. Heather assured me that was not how the weekend was structured, I finally agreed to go. After the first couple of hours, I was ‘in’! It was very private, very non-threatening and I felt comfortable listening to the speakers share their information while we learned a communication technique that has stayed with us ever since. We both consider it the most powerful weekend that we have ever had and it continues to influence our relationship today. In 2003, we decided to treat ourselves to another weekend since the format had been updated and revised. The second weekend was great, we knew what to expect and there were no surprises. We came away once again with renewed closeness.” ~ Garry (and Heather) T.

“My ‘good marriage’ attitude was given a re-evaluation when I discovered that I was not the good listener that I thought I was. Our Marriage Encounter was the start of a process of improved communication for me with my wife—in fact, it was the catalyst to a new, fresh relationship.” ~ Oliver N.

“It helped me see and accept Oliver better, as well as accepting myself. What a growth weekend it was!’” ~ Donna N.