Planned Giving Articles

A Personal Stewardship Journey

Even though our family was absent from church from the 1970’s through the first half of the 1990’s, I was still aware of, and in touch with God regularly through private daily prayer that continues. Upon returning to church, I chose not to be simply another “bum in the pew”; rather, I chose to be […]


Planned Giving Options

The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are ‘making a difference’ is usually the only motivation needed for giving to your church or favourite charity; however, planned giving allows you to make the most of your gift, and may permit you to increase your overall giving while saving taxes. Planned giving must be tailored to […]


One Size Does Not Fit All

Are you the same as your neighbor, or even your brother? Is your family financial situation the same as everyone else’s? I would venture to guess it is not, but that is what people who use will kits or on–line wills are saying. You cannot lose sight of the fact that both you and your […]


The Many Lives of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a simple idea that takes many shapes. Its basic purpose, of course, is to provide cash to meet the needs of survivors upon the insured person’s death. All policies provide this benefit; however, life insurance policies may also build up cash value that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. A […]


The Charitable Gift Annuity

It’s your opportunity to make a generous gift to the Church and do yourself a favour at the same time! The ministry and programme of The Anglican Church of Canada, its parishes and congregations, and the life–changing work of related entities is important to you. You may have wished to advance this vital work by […]