Planned Giving Articles

Ensuring Your Property Goes to the Persons and Organizations You Choose

If you do not have a will, you give up the right to choose how your property will be distributed when you die. Instead, the court will decide for you in accordance with provincial law and the court will also decide who administers your estate. While it is possible you would be satisfied with the court’s choice of administrator and the division of your property by law, more likely you would not be…

Taxing Thoughts

This is the third in a series of quarterly articles on Planned Giving topics.

Most of us have recently completed, or will very soon complete, our 2007 income tax return. Why is this important? If you have not already started planning for the 2008 tax year, now—not November or December—is the perfect time to begin.

Combining a Planned Gift to the Church with Wealth Replacement

John and Mary Smith, both in their early 50s, are committed to their church and would like to provide a significant bequest to it while ensuring that they maximize their estate for their children and grandchildren. John and Mary have done well financially—their house is mortgage free and they have accumulated sizable Registered Retirement Savings […]

Gifts of Securities to the Church

This is the second in a series of quarterly articles on Planned Giving topics. Mrs. Smith, a widow in her eighties, belongs to a small parish that is struggling to pay the utility bills and the rector’s stipend. Vestry is trying desperately to figure out how to raise the $45,000 needed to replace the church […]

Charitable Gift Annuity Gives Twice

Alice Jones, an 87 year old widow, wants to provide a substantial gift to her parish. Her children have good jobs and their future is assured so neither she nor they are concerned about the size of their inheritance. Alice donates $50,000.00 to purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity through the Anglican Church of Canada. A […]

Gifting Registered Retirement Savings

Many people have accumulated substantial assets inside a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP); however, few people think about using their Registered Retirement Savings as a charitable gift…