Poverty & Homelessness

Bulletin Inserts on Homelessness

The Social Justice Ministry of All Saints’ Cathedral has produced a series of weekly bulletin inserts to educate congregation members about the issue of homelessness. Please feel free to use these in your own church bulletin.

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Let Vicky Stay

An important aspect of the issue of poverty in Edmonton is the situation of Temporary Foreign Workers. Click here for information on the case of Vicky Venancio, a member of our Filipino congregation, who is facing deportation after being crippled in a car accident.

Interfaith Housing Plenary a Success

Capital Region Interfaith Housing Inititative

On April 29 about 70 people attended a plenary meeting of the Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative at the Catholic Pastoral Centre. Many Christian denominations were represented as well as the Zoroastrian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Unitarian faiths.