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Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander surrounded by children in the Diocese of Buye

Edmonton Companions Tour HIV/AIDS Clinic

On Tuesday, September 25th, Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander and Archdeacon Alan Perry were able to witness the Diocese of Buye living out the Marks of Mission in so many ways. They toured the HIV/AIDS clinic that the Diocese of Buye is building in conjunction with the Diocese of Edmonton and PWRDF. See more pictures and read more about Bishop Jane’s visit to Burundi at

Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander with Bishop Sixbert Macumi in Bujumbura, Africa

Bishop Jane Arrives in Bujumbura, Africa

Executive Archdeacon Alan Perry reports that he, Bishop Jane and Tim Alexander have landed safely in Bujumbura, where they were met with a warm welcome from friends from the Diocese of Buyé including. Bishop Sixbert, his wife Clothilde, Dominique and Deo. Over the next 10 days, you can follow Bishop Jane’s visit to Buyé, as she meets the people of our companion diocese, on Archdeacon Perry’s blog

Ngozi Parish

Sharing our lives: partnership events in spring and summer 2012.

Much has happened so far in 2012!

An Edmonton delegation deepened friendships and experienced life in Burundi this May (pages 8-9).

At an episcopal gathering in Ontario, Bishop Jane and Bishop Sixbert fostered trust, partnership, and peaceful disagreement (page 10) .

Read stories of Bishop Sixbert’s visit to Edmonton in June, including Tofield’s 100th Anniversary (page 7) and conversations about human sexuality (page 10).

In collaboration with PWRDF, the Diocese of Edmonton is bringing hope to HIV and AIDS patients via contributions to a new clinic (page 3).

THE MESSENGER, September 2012.


Clergy Transportation

Upon their ordination, August 5, 2012, six Diocese of Buyé deacons (pictured here with Bishop Sixbert Macumi) were presented with new bicycles. In Buyé diocese, clergy often walk 40 kilometres, or more, between parishes. The bicycles were purchased with a donation from the Parish of St. Augustine’s Parkland in Spruce Grove. “Thank you for your […]

Travis Enright (left) and Quinn Strikwerda (right) are ferried across Cohoha Lake on the Burundi-Rwanda Border.

Home from Burundi!

The Ven. Alan Perry, the Rev. Canon Travis Enright and the Rev. Quinn Strikwerda have returned to our diocese with stories of hope and goodwill from the Diocese of Buyé in Burundi, Africa. We invite you to check out Alan’s blog, Edmonton Buye, a day-by-day travelogue featuring many colourful photos of the beautiful country of Burundi and the beautiful people of the Buye diocese.