Building Hope: Burundi Partnership


Youth Mission Trip to Burundi

Diocesan Youth Social Justice Advocate, Lauren Milner, recently participated in a mission trip to the Diocese of Buye in Burundi, Africa, where she helped deliver essential items to an orphanage. She was welcomed by Bishop Sixbert, who visited our diocese last May, and the Macumi family. You can read about Lauren’s experience in the October issue of The Messenger. View the post to see some of the photos Lauren took while touring the Diocese of Buye.

Bishop Sixbert Presents a Mosquito Net to an Orphaned Child

Diocese of Buye Receives Mosquito Nets

In 2009, through the Building Hope Campaign, our diocese raised money to purchase 10,000 mosquito nets to help protect our friends in the Dicoese of Buyé in Burundi, Africa. We recently received a heartfelt letter of thanks, as well as pictures of the distribution of nets, from Bishop Sixbert Macumi.


Bishop Sixbert’s first visit to Edmonton

Bishop Sixbert Macumi visited the Diocese of Edmonton with his wife Clotilde in May 2009. During his stay, Bishop Sixbert and our Bishop, the Rt. Rev, Jane Alexander, made a pledge that the two dioceses would walk together in faith. Read the full story of his visit on 1, 6-7 in The Messenger, June 2009.

Bishp Sibert and Bishop Jane

Together in Christ

We, the Bishops of the Anglican Dioceses of Edmonton and Buye, on behalf of our people do make a solemn commitment to walk together in faith.

We pray that God will bless this partnership, will help us to experience through it the grace and peace of Jesus Christ, and will use it to make us more effective in our sharing of the good news….