Building Hope: Burundi Partnership

Dignity Kits

Dignity Kit Initiative Draws to a Close

Support for the ACW Dignity Kit initiative was overwhelming. We were able to ship 600 Dignity Kits to our companion Diocese of Buyé. Thank you to everyone who contributed money and prayers to help young woman in Buyé attend school. We will next be partnering with PWRDF to equip a maternity ward in Buyé Hospital. We will […]

Dignity Kits

Dignity Kits Arrive in Buyé

Diocesan Community Development Officer the Rev. John Gee received some wonderful news from our companion Diocese of Buyé this week. The first shipment of Dignity Kits has arrived in Buyé.

JaneVision: Companion Dioceses

Bishop Jane, Executive Archdeacon Alan Perry and Community Development Facilitator John Gee represented the Edmonton diocese at the Consultation of Companion Dioceses in Tanzania. In this week’s installment of “JaneVision” our bishop shares her thoughts on the companion dioceses’ conference, our partnership with the Diocese of Buye and the political unrest in Burundi. You can read about the Companion Dioceses Consultation here.