Duties of a Warden

  • Church Finances
  • Meeting Records
  • Budget and Offering Envelopes
  • Large or Extraordinary Expenditures
  • Accounting Records
  • Bank Accounts
  • Treasurer
  • Signing of Cheques
  • Appointment of Parish Staff
  • Insurance
  • Parish Records
  • Requisites for Worship and Sacraments
  • At Regular Services
  • Clergy Holidays
  • Incumbent Vacancy
  • Church Property
  • Building Projects

Becoming a Church Warden

There are two ways to become a Church Warden: by appointment or by election. The Incumbent appoints the Rector’s Warden. The Peoples’ Warden is nominated and elected at the Parish Annual Meeting, usually by a show of hands, although a ballot may be called for. There may also be an Assistant Warden, elected in the […]

What If?

The Parish Priest resigns …..
The Parish Priest becomes ill …..
Inappropriate physical or sexual behaviour occurs …..
A member of the congregation is upset about worship or parish concerns …
I start to dread Sunday mornings …..
Our Parish Priest seems overwhelmed …..
I can’t say no …..
We can’t agree …..
We need to hire new parish support staff …..
I would like to suggest improvements to this handbook …..

Installation of Church Wardens

The usual form of installation takes place after the election of the People’s Warden in a quiet moment of prayer for both Wardens and Vestry, during the Parish Annual Meeting. If a more formal installation is desired, the following short service for the first Sunday after the Annual Meeting may be used. Immediately following the […]