Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Prayer Cycle January 1 – April 30, 2017 WORD / PDF September 1 – December 31, 2016 WORD / PDF   Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer Searchable Version (includes lectionary) Council of the North Prayer Cycle  PDF  

Budget, Canons, Handbooks and Policies

Budget 2017 Budget 2017 Canons The Act of Incorporation, Constitution and Canons for the Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton (updated after the 64th Synod) can be downloaded here. Refugee Sponsorship Refugee_Sponsorship_ Handbook Refugee Sponsorship Quick Reference Overview Treasurer’s Handbook  Treasurers Handbook 2017 Parish Warden’s Handbook Warden’s Handbook What is a Church Warden? Duties of […]


Bible in the Life of the Church

A world-wide Bible study, formed by regional groups across the Communion, became the Bible in the Life of the Church project. Within the Edmonton diocese, the Rev. Dr. Myron Penner, Christ Church Associate Priest, was asked to lead a study group to provide a western Canadian voice within the Northing American Regional Group. The resulting report, Deep Engagement-Fresh Discovery, and its many resources can be found here.

Congregational Growth and Development: Books & References

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Whitney, Diana Kaplin and Amanda Trosten-Bloom. 2010. The power of appreciative inquiry : A practical guide to positive change. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Whitney, Diana Kaplin, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, and Kae Rader. 2010. Appreciative leadership : Focus on what works to drive winning performance and build a thriving organization. New York: McGraw-Hill.   Community Organizing […]