Parish Idea Swap

Prepare the Way

Find out who in your community/church needs their walk shoveled & partner them p with willing volunteers.

Partners in Christ

Partner with a near by Lutheran Parish. Being in “full communion” ought to mean that we actually live our faith together.

If there isn’t a Lutheran parish any Christian community will do. Get together for a neighbourhood garage sale or BBQ, anything that builds relationship, opens the door to future shared activity or service, and lets the world know Christians can get along.

Lenten Preaching Series

During Epiphany people were invited to submit questions or topics on the offering plate that they would like to hear addressed in the context of a sermon. A line up of questions were selected for Lent. Then at the parish pancake supper we printed the lineup on the place-mats along with the other Lenten activities […]

Parish Idea Swap

light bulbWe all need a little inspiration from time to time. The parish idea swap is a forum for parishes to be inspired by one another, by sharing the brilliant ideas they’ve had for sharing the Gospel in their communities.