Parish Idea Swap

24hrs of Prayer

Try to organize 24hrs of people praying (in the church or at home) as an Easter vigil. Suggest some themes or intentions for the prayer time.

Hallmarks of the Spirit

Make “fruit of the Spirit” greeting cards to give to people who have shown you or inspired you in: love, patience, joy, self-control, kindness, generosity or peace.

Blessing of the Backpacks

Partner with a local school(s) to give them school supplies. In the weeks leading up to the first day of school collect school supplies and backpacks to donate. Give thanks for the supplies and pray for the children as the go back to school.

For Unto Us a Child is Born

Partner with a local service group to run a diaper/bottle (or other baby needs) drive for Christmas. Collect the items and dedicate them in worship and pray for the families and children that will receive them.

Tune out for Lent

Give up cable (or another costly habit) for Lent and donate the money saved to PWRDF or a parish outreach.

Joy to the World

Host a Christmas Sing-a-long. Indoors or out. Caroling or not. Put together a Hallelujah Chorus flash mob.