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Aboriginal Community Industry Relations Certificate

  Aboriginal Community Industry Relations Certificate The Faculty of Extension is pleased to announce the launch of a new program of study developed in partnership with the Circle for Aboriginal Relations. The Aboriginal Community-Industry Relations (ACIR) Certificate is designed as a catalyst for community engagement between Aboriginal people, industry, and government in relation to issues of social and […]

Project of the Heart, education for reconciliation. New resource available.

PROJECT OF HEART_ EDUCATION FOR RECONCILIATION–BC Teachers Federation 2015 Imagine that you are five years old. A stranger comes to your home village and seizes you from your mother’s arms. Imagine he takes you hundreds of miles away to a place where white people in black robes cut off your hair and take away your […]

Dignity Kits

Dignity Kit Initiative Draws to a Close

Support for the ACW Dignity Kit initiative was overwhelming. We were able to ship 600 Dignity Kits to our companion Diocese of Buyé. Thank you to everyone who contributed money and prayers to help young woman in Buyé attend school. We will next be partnering with PWRDF to equip a maternity ward in Buyé Hospital. We will […]