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Oskâpêwis Brings Prayer, Teaching and Smudge to Church Picnic

On June 19th, All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral hosted a church picnic at Gold Bar Park.  Oskâpêwis Sharon Pasula offered thanksgiving to Creator, a teaching about balance and harmony and a smudge. Several people joined her to ‘pray with smoke.’ The Rev. Sarah Holmstrom  (pictured at right) welcomed everyone to the picnic. Sharon is available to lead […]

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Standing Stones Eucharist – Liturgy and Video Clips

          Drumming during procession – https://youtu.be/iEopw1ei3HM Sermon – https://youtu.be/KsrdmBjUiGw   -about 14 minutes First reading –Indigenous story – https://youtu.be/-h_HTLSlB7s Partial reading of a Four directions prayer – https://youtu.be/Tx1bAmjpwN0

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First Anniversary of #22days Healing and Reconciliation Initiative

All 22 stories can be accessed thanks to Brian Bukowski, Web Manager, Anglican Church of Canada?. Each video is transcribed for closed captioning. Here is a link to all 22 videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQDBM9safSHyKXpXxsiY7xgPAAEy1F5nh What does your year of reconciliation look like?……send me your story….               For more info here is the Press release from last year […]